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901,733 Reasons to Protect Net Neutrality at Trader’s Narrative

Recently, Markus Frind showed the world his income from Google Adsense. After people picked up their jaws from the floor, the congratulations started flowing in.

Everyone, however, missed that this was only possible because of the the internet’s level playing field. And that, in turn, is because of something called ‘net neutrality’ which guarantees that all data travelling on the internet is given equal priority.

Without this fundamental policy, his site would never have been able to compete with sites with deeper pockets (capable of paying for priority delivery of their data to the user). In such a world, the fact that Plenty of Fish is free would not matter since the user would be turned off by a very slow site.

If you’re confused and don’t know what I’m talking about, find out more about net neutrality by watching this short video.


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