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America, Say NO To Socialism! at Trader’s Narrative

America, Say NO To Socialism!

This is floating around the internet:

This morning I was awoken by my alarm clock powered by electricity generated by the public power monopoly regulated by the US department of energy. I then took a shower in the clean water provided by the municipal water utility. After that, I turned on the TV to one of the FCC regulated channels to see what the national weather service of the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration determined the weather was going to be like using satellites designed, built, and launched by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration. I watched this while eating my breakfast of US Department of Agriculture inspected food and taking the drugs which have been determined as safe by the Food and Drug Administration.

At the appropriate time as regulated by the US congress and kept accurate by the National Institute of Standards and Technology and the US naval observatory, I get into my National Highway Traffic Safety Administration approved automobile and set out to work on the roads build by the local, state, and federal Departments of Transportation, possibly stopping to purchase additional fuel of a quality level determined by the Environmental Protection Agency, using legal tender issued by the Federal Reserve Bank. On the way out the door I deposit any mail I have to be sent out via the US Postal Service and drop the kids off at the public school.

After spending another day not being maimed or killed at work thanks to the workplace regulations imposed by the Department of Labor and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, enjoying another two meals which again do not kill me because of the USDA, I drive my NHTSA car back home on the DOT roads, to my house which has not burned down in my absence because of the state and local building codes and fire marshal’s inspection, and which has not been plundered of all it’s valuables thanks to the local police department.

I then log on to the internet which was developed by the Defense Advanced Research Projects administration and post on and Fox News forums about how socialism in medicine is bad because the government can’t do anything right.

Here are my own thoughts on this important matter:

WAKE UP AMERICA !! You are about to be plunged into socialized medicine - otherwise known as universal health care. This Marxist/Lennonist/Maoist ideology has ruined countless countries. For example, here’s a list of countries in which its citizens do not go bankrupt if they or their loved ones get sick:

Canada, Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Peru, Panama, Uruguay, Trinidad & Tobago, Venezuela, Costa Rica, India, Israel, Singapore, Taiwan, Japan, Thailand, Finland, Germany, England, Austria, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, France, Georgia, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Ukraine, Australia, and New Zealand.

That list reads like a horrific nightmare!

Who would ever imagine even visiting those hellish places? Never mind actually living there full time?

The United States is the only wealthy, industrialized nation that does not have a universal health care system. So let’s keep it that way! The US spends the highest per capita for health care costs and has the worst coverage and results. Obviously, you can not argue with success.

The best way to maintain that stellar status quo is to allow the debate to be framed and owned by the insurance companies and HMO’s which obviously only have your best interest in mind and have by some mysterious method been able to suppress the profit seeking motive which would cause them to have a conflict of interest between next month’s quarterly earnings and your grandmother’s hip replacement operation.

Just like your tenacity in saying no to the evil, soul sucking (albeit scientifically advanced and intuitive) metric system and sticking by the imperial system - along with the other two holdouts: Liberia & Myanmar - you will continue to be at the vanguard of human achievement by saying no to socialized health care. U. S. A !! U. S. A. !!

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35 Responses to “America, Say NO To Socialism!”  

  1. 1 evander

    Wow, that was incredible. I was against the health care bill before, but due to your stunning and profound blog post I have completely reversed my position. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  2. 2 Russ Abbott

    Love it!

  3. 3 ahgu

    All those listed are regulation agencies. Except USPS and NASA, public education. We know how efficient USPS and NASA, and our schools are.

    People abuse “free” stuff. There is no free lunch. Someone is paying for it.

    Pay for your own kids’ education. your health, your food, don’t expect other people to pick up your tab. like octo-mom.

  4. 4 Babak

    ahgu, darn tootin! Why just look at the US Marines and the rest of the US armed forces and the protection they offer. What’s that all about? The US should purvey its military the good old capitalist way by paying Blackwater/Xe for protection. What is a tax funded army except rampant socialism? And don’t get me started on the Fire Department in our cities. What are they if not sucking on the teat of government? We should buy fire protection. I’m not paying for your house to not burn down! If you don’t pay, well, too bad, you get to watch a bonfire (a really big one - so bring lots of marshmellows).

    For ‘getting it’ you are the Hero of the Month (in the No Fact Zone).

  5. 5 Norris Hall

    We must do whatever we can to fight this creeping socialism into American society.

    One of the most insidious forms of socialism is “insurance”.
    Every year I pay fire insurance, health insurance, car insurance. I am up to my eyeballs in socialistic insurance policies.

    now, The insurance industry says that insurance is just a way to spread the risk.
    But what it really is …is socialism.
    I’ve never had a house burn down but I’ve paid fire insurance for over 30 years. so I decided to call my insurance agent and confront him with the question “Where did all my money go?”
    You know what he told me? He said they had already given it to some guy I didn’t even know!!!
    “Who did you give it to?”
    “A guy whose house burned down He was smoking in bed. The whole place burned to the ground” was the reply.

    “Why should I have to pay for someone who acting stupid. That’s my money. I want it back.”

    “That’s the way insurance works.” My agent said. “We take money from those whose houses didn’t burn down and give it to those who have had a fire. We take money from the young and healthy and use it to pay the old and sick. We are spreading the risk. We take money from those who don’t need it and give it to those who do. ”

    That’s socialism in a nutshell. Take from those that have and give to those who don’t???

    It’s time we conservatives start speaking out against those hidden forms of socialism that have seeped into our society and threaten to infect every area of our lives.

    Time to end risk pooling. Time for an end to insurance.

  6. 6 TexasCowboy

    As a Vietnam vet, with my son currently serving in the Middle East, I am appalled that almost 50 million Americans cannot afford health coverage, that greedy insurance companies are fighting tooth-n-nail against competiton, something Republicans used to support, that the US now ranks 37 in quality health care of all industrialized countries, that Americans pay twice as much for health care as any other country, America pays more for presecription drugs than any other country, many small businesses, even large ones, collapse under the huge cost of insurance for their workers so they cannot compete, close to 1.5 million Americans lose their homes annually due to bankruptcy over paying for exhorbitant health care costs, that the U.S. will spend more than $2.5 trillon on health care in 2009, that families now pay over $12,000 annually just to have health insurance. What are the insurance companies afraid of? Hundreds of millions in payoffs to Congress and health care CEO salaries while millions of Americans do without. Putting politics over people is not what I fought for. If America is the wealthiest country in the world, why is that so many Americans cannot afford to live here. Not every hardworking, taxpaying American makes huge salaries as do polticians and CEOs.

  7. 7 Dave

    We shouldn’t give a d*mn about health care reform. We should get elected to Congress. They have good health care.


  8. 8 Patrick

    Great post Babak! Socialism is rooted in violence force.

    I support anarcho-capitalism!

  9. 9 da_beast

    I know in the United States the picture of the “big, bad, red” communist/socialist is omnipresent. But guys, the system failed, communism/socialism did not work. So there is no need to be scared. In fact, the USA is as far away from real socialism as a fish from the desert. Sad thing is, however, most people have no comparison…

    For a wonderful country as the USA it should be a damn shame to have a healthcare system like that. I guess everybody agrees that something has to be done. Are these proposals/measures the best? who knows? at least the government you elected tries to get things changed.

  10. 10 Patrick


    In fact, the USA is as far away from real socialism as a fish from the desert.

    It’s actually quite close. The government keeps on expanding.
    If it continues at this rate…it will be there in a few years time.

    “Are these proposals/measures the best?”


    who knows?

    A lot of people (not all) who understand economic theory, political philosophy, and people who just have common sense, know this is going to be bad.

    People with common at least the government you elected tries to get things changed.”

    Why is change good if it is going to make something worse?

  11. 11 Dave

    Mr. Beast, sir,

    “But guys, the system failed, communism/socialism did not work. So there is no need to be scared.”

    Have you looked under your bed at night ? J. Edgar is not with us to protect us anymore. WE must be vigilant.

  12. 12 Patrick

    Dave: lol. But J. Edgar Hoover unforunately wasn’t a big proponenent of freedom himself–he worked for a socialist intelligence agency after all.

  13. 13 Babak

    Patrick, universal health care will destroy the US - just ask the countries in the list above that have implemented it. The cratered, smoldering vestige of their civilization stands as a testimony to that. Let’s learn from their mistake and not repeat it! While we’re at it, let’s replace a tax funded army with Blackwater/Xe.

    A Teabagger protesting against universal health care gets injured in a town hall brawl and is now asking for donations to cover his medical bills because he doesn’t have insurance. I would send him a donation but that would be socialism.

  14. 14 Patrick

    Babak: it’s great to know that there is another very stong freedom supporter in Canada (you’re in Ontario, right? Myself, I’m from Winnipeg). Most Canadians are socialists unfortunately.

    We have a 5-party system in Canada (Liberal, Conservative, NDP, Bloc, Green)…all parties support the principles of social-democracy. The only real difference vis-a-vis the parties is that the Conservatives are social-democrats but with a militaristic flavor.

    And yes, I agree that government health-care will help destroy the US. Once, it’s implemented its nearly impossible to get rid of. I can’t think of one country that has. Really the only way to get rid of it is for the government to collapse…

  15. 15 Patrick

    Babak: regarding donating to that dude who got injured…yes, it would be socialism. But, it’s voluntary socialism. Voluntary socialism is fine. It’s the coercive socialism of the State that must be opposed.

  16. 16 Dave


    J.Edgar did too believe in freedom; that’s why he didn’t wear foundations under his dresses.


    Btw, hope Babak doesn’t give my email addy to the Feds. He kinda looks like a snitch.

  17. 17 Babak

    Patrick, re “It’s the coercive socialism of the State that must be opposed.” Exactly! Which I why I’m sure you’re against the government funded army, the fire department, the police department, the public schools, building codes and fire codes, restaurant and food production health inspections, etc.

  18. 18 Patrick

    Babak: Absolutely. I believe in freedom, and thus I’m an anarcho-capitalist.

  19. 19 Patrick Crozier

    You think health care is bad now - just wait till the government has complete control.

    Here in the UK, the NHS came pretty close to letting me die from a routine condition and friends of mine have had much the same experience: queues, indifference, infections.

  20. 20 Wayne

    Let me preface by saying I believe in some form of Capitalist system. I believe without Capitalism, you do not encourage the Henry Fords, the Howard Hughes, the the Bill Gates to take the business risk that have been important for the advancement of Western Civilization.

    But Capitalism has some flaws as does Socialism. That is why there is the constant struggle between the two. Even our forefathers going back as far as Ancient Greece realized that there were a few basic Socialist type needs that a govt could provide efficiently for the community such as defense, education and to provide care for the sick and elderly who for legitimate reasons can not care for themselves.

    However, Capitalism is subject to economic cycles. and out of chaos comes opportunity. Opportunist like Hitler, Stalin and Musollini who used the unrest associated with the World Wide Depression of the 30’s to advance dictatorship govts initially disguised as socialist sytems which were embraced by those civilizations that were engulfed in economic strive. You see socialism again rising it’s head as the public turns to the govt to attempt to answer all their ills. We have released Pandora from her box and it will be hard to put her back. Once we bailed out the banks, why not extend unemployment, why not buy people’s auto clunkers, give home owners who have bought homes they can’t afford, mortgage rates below the market, why not. If you can bail out incompetent CEO’s, how can you turn your back on the sick?

    One historic observer centuries ago pointed out that capitalism is always doomed to fail because it is just a matter of time before the parties in power figure out that they can finance prosperity at the expense of those who will succeed them. Albert Einstein pointed out that capitalism suffers from the existence of an elite upper class who own the decision makers and have little regard for the lower class.

    I speculate that if our form of capitalism is to survive the 21st century, that the public will have to embrace the need to pass legislation that puts spending limits on our govt. That if there is not the funds available to run the existing govt that by law we have to swallow tough pills or else the entire governing party is relieved from their duties. Under unbalanced budgets, measures automatically go into place such as we may have to work until we are 75 instead of 65. the Industrial Military Complex that Einsenhower warned us about, is cut in half. We no longer attempt to educate those who show little proclivity toward academics, we set up toll booths on most roads so that the cost of transportation is paid by those who use it, after 3 months of unemployment you pick up trash on the highways and in your neighborhood. If you want to continue to be paid after another 3 months you hand them a shovel. Once the budget is balanced, some of those luxuries may be reinstated. I was raised to believe if you couldn’t pay your bills, you got a second job and ate out of your garden until you could. Our govt needs to operate under the same premise. Of course we have financed the defense of democracy on borrowed money and certain exceptions could be allowed for limited periods of time.

    As for as health care is concerned, I haven’t had the opportunity to receive medical care in country ran by a universal health care system so I can’t state unequivically one way or the other, but my instincts are that anytime the govt has to act as a middle man, the cost is unecessary doubled. I think unless someone can shell out a modest copay to go to the doctor, they probably should leave the waiting rooms available for those truly sick.

    Hopefully there are some young Thomas Jefferson’s and Ben Franklin’s out there somewhere waiting to take there turns at touching up our capitalist sytem in such a fashion that it will survive the 21st century.

  21. 21 Babak

    Wayne, in universal health care the government acts on behalf of the private citizen - not as a middleman. Just as it does when it inspects meat, builds schools, etc. In fact, it is a very capitalist system because every doctor or practitioner is an entrepreneur, able to choose where and how they practice medicine. What they can’t do is charge what ever they want - similar to how the electricity or water utility is regulated. You go to any doctor you choose, the doctor bills the government (who pays on your behalf). That’s it. That’s the boogey man. Simple and direct. I’ve lived most of my life under its protection and although I’m a pacifist by nature, if anyone tries to change it, I would go at them with everything I’ve got. If nothing else, my eyeteeth if I have to. And that goes for the vast majority of Canadians.

    Just as capitalism has established itself as the better method in comparison to communism, or marxism, etc. in so many countries and cultures, so has universal health care throughout the world. I used to be a ‘fundamentalist’ libertarian (gosh, I even read every single page of Atlas Shrugged… shudder) but the years have mellowed me and I hope the youth they stole from me has been replaced with wisdom. That wisdom tells me that moderation and balance are one of the keys to life.

  22. 22 somewhere

    Socialism is not the evil, you must change your mind. Those countries mentioned above, most of them very industrialized aren’t the evil. You must remember that USA mainly funds from a socialist country (China), what a paradox, isn’t it? My country isn’t so developed as yours, but I’ve never paid a bill to visit a doctor or to receive an operation and this is for me and for everybody. Sharing is the question, in a planet where scarce resources are beating our economy sharing became the key, continuing the individualism of capitalism will be the end of this world.

    Best regards from Spain.

  23. 23 wayne

    I will probably try to stick to market commentary in the future

  24. 24 MachineGhost

    Don’t confuse “universal health care” with socialized (Britain) or single-payer (Canada) health care. While those two may have been the most common method as implemented half a century ago when people were more ignorant of economics, it’s inexcusable to be still thinking that today.

    One of the major reasons that health insurance can fail is due to the adverse selection problem, where healthy people do not get insurance and diseased people have skyrocketing costs. Both in combination does not allow for a sustainable risk pool to draw upon which is the situation we find ourselves in the U.S., hence no coverage for pre-existing conditions and dropping coverage for the diseased when costs get unsustainable. Everything seems rosy until you get sick.

    It is unclear to me whether or not this coordination failure to collectivize into a single risk pool is a true market failure or a result of misregulation and overregulation. I suspect it is a little of both. But no matter. What’s important now is to get everyone into a single risk pool via an individual mandate.

    The rational approach is, of course, to merely regulate against this possible market coordination failure and leave everything else up to consumer-driven, market-based competition as is done in Switzerland. The U.S. is not that lucky, being constrained by 50 different monopolistic regulation fiefdoms, but the proposed insurance exchange along with the individual mandate may circumvent the entire silly matter one fell swoop. That will have tangible benefits in lowering costs.

    Far from the Switzerland ideal, surely. But a heck of lot farther from all of the ridiculous political propaganda being spewed all over the place. The rest of the world is probably laughing at America.

  25. 25 bastiches

    Water, we all could agree, is a necessity for life. Shall I drink 50 gallons of water and live a longer life? No, I will die in a matter of hours.

    Food, likewise, important for life. Shall I eat everything I can buy? No, again, disease and death will result.

    Shelter, a third imperative. Shall I seal myself off from the surrounding world? No, of course not.

    Why assume an argument against a form of Socialism is an argument against all government? That would be a straw-man argument and be dishonest.

    The government that governs the least, governs best.

  26. 26 Babak

    somewhere, estaba bromeando pero parece que algunos no se han dado cuenta :-) era mi intento que sea satirico pero quizas no salio tan claro.

    machineghost, good points. The starting point is to ask, is what the US has working? paying the highest expenses per capita and getting bupkus in return? allowing corporate bureaucrats to decide life and death, instead of doctors and health practitioners?

    bastiches, exactly! who said medicine was required for life? If you get sick, just go somewhere and die, right?

  27. 27 Barry jones

    wow…thanks for the great insight…I was straddling the fence on this issue (sarcasm), but after reading your article, it is quite clear how I feel now…we definitely do NOT need to go the way of socialism. In looking at so many of those countries you listed, the poverty rate per citizen is so low that our welfare recipients here in the US would be considered upper income. In addition, the fact that my family came here from Canada to escape a socialized medical program which led to the death of three of my four grandparents has put a bitter taste in my mouth. THREE of my grandparents were turned away from medical coverage due to lack of availability. Now, in all honesty, they were up in age and lived a full life, however, the mere fact that there life could have been lengthened just a bit longer had socialized medicine been as effective as you dimwits think it is, is what bothers me. Use common sense, the rest of the world HATES America, because it has been so successful. They want nothing more than to see it fail…why would they encourage anything that they feel would be beneficial to a country they hate? It would be like you helping a rival football team get the best recruits possible to make them better. These people are doing anything they can on order to make America fail…get a clue idiots

  28. 28 Babak

    Barry, you’re absolutely correct. The whole world is trying to lull America into a false sense of security. Once the US switches over to the metric system, they’ll pull the rug from under you and en masse, switch to the imperial or maybe the zucchini (that’s where everything is measured in units of zucchini seed width).

    And you’re furthermore correct is lambasting the countries who have universal health care. They spend less per capita on health care, have longer life expectancies, lower infant mortality rates, no one goes bankrupt due to illness, and no corporation stands in the middle of doctors and patients to make a profit. Who the hell wants that?!?!

    For Pete’s sake! Think of the CEOs and their yachts! Do you have any idea how hard they had to look to find all those ‘pre-existing conditions’ in order to give him that bonus? Think of the CEO’s people!!

    Listen to Barry folks… and get a clue!

  29. 29 somewhere

    Babak no entiendo tu ironía, ese título es muy claro, se explica por sí solo “America, Say NO To Socialism!”. Si después tu quieres hacer otra interpretación, eso lo único que hace es confundir a la gente. Es evidente que hay una masa muy importante en USA que sataniza el socialismo, como si fuera “el mal”, no es cierto que haya tanto odio en el exterior como dicen algunos (Barry jones entre otros), lo que hay es rabia por las políticas tan sumamente equivocadas que han venido aplicando durante tanto tiempo. Y son políticas equivocadas porque sino no se hubiera derrumbado el sistema financiero, se ha venido abajo porque hay unos límites para la codicia, hay un dicho que dice “la avaricia rompe el saco”. Por otra parte también hay unos límites para las materia primas, éstas no son ilimitadas, por tanto el crecimiento tampoco puede ser ilimitado. Los sueños (”el sueño americano”) se han topado con la realidad.

  30. 30 eddie

    We are on the edge of fu…… our country up.We need to see the stimulus package was not for people without a collage degree.It has not done anything for the construction industry.Many of us are without jobs or only get part-time work.It is time to get rid of far left eletist,who think their way is the only way to do this.

  31. 31 Nathan

    For having such strong opinions, it’s odd that I’ve seen some key misunderstandings.
    first off, capitalism is not the opposite of communism. Capitalism/Socialism - Democracy/Communism. each country has one of each, or I should say is balanced more towards one of each.

    So the statement about how Communism/socialism failed… not completely relevant as the US isn’t communist and that’s primarily why the soviet government failed - because they were communist, not because they were socialist.

    Anyhow, I’m not saying that pure socialism is the way to go… but as I’ve found in life, it’s best to find a balance and I see the US being a bit too much capitalist and in need of some balance towards assisting society. It’s just unfortunate that some parts of the media (a large portion owned by Rupert Murdock - a capitalist for obvious reasons) tries to carry out an undignified agenda by tying in his lobbyist style actions on his media networks . . . if you can get the people to believe, you don’t need to convince the politicians.

  32. 32 Bob

    I’m assuming that all of you supporting this new healthcare are completely ok with waiting months to see a doctor, dentist, etc. with no say in who that doctor is. I, however, think it is idiotic to take that choice away from the individual. Furthermore, if this plan is as wonderful as so many think it is, why have the congressmen and senators who passed it admitted that they will not be part of this universal system??

  33. 33 somewhere

    In my country that happens too, the top dogs don’t go to the universal healthcare, but this is not the matter. The matter is that everyone, even the poors, have a general coverture in case of needed. By the way, in my country with universal healthcare you can change if you want of doctor, no problem. And for the list of waiting I think this is a minor issue, it’s true that exists but in the case of an urgency you have priority and can surpass this eventual trouble. I want to congratulate all american people for the sanction of this bill, I think this is the end of capitalism as we knew it, a very important step for a system where the social justice will prevail to the greed of individualism. This is not socialism don’t worry.

  34. 34 ahgu

    Regarding the public school, local police fire dept, just look at my property tax bill. I have to pay for it even if I don’t use public education and local protection. I don’t mind paying for the local fire/police dept service.

    Nothing is free. You are just government sponsored Madoff scamming on other citizens.

    About American Military, we waste so much on ~200 military bases around the world. None needed. Also, we are Israel’s puppet government in case you have not noticed.

  35. 35 Alex

    Canadians would never trade their healthcare system for an American style system.
    Look at the recent polls and you will see that Canadians are happier and healthier than Americans. Also no the World Health Organization you will notice that the American healthcare costs twice the Canadians system.

    Republicans spread lies.

    Ontario, Canada

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