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Apparently Barley Gives You An Energy Boost at Trader’s Narrative

Apparently Barley Gives You An Energy Boost

barleylife health supplement.pngSis: You take barley right?
Me: Sure
Sis: Isn’t it awsome?
Me: Yeah, ofcourse mine is usually in liquid form.
Sis: What?
Me: You know, as in beer… barley, hops, etc..
Sis: You’re such a dork. I’m talking about BarleyLife, this supplement… didn’t I tell you about it?

My sister is a total health and yoga nut (I mean that in the nicest way possible). So I find out more and it turns out that there is this supplement which has actual barley shoots in it - as in young green barley leaves. It has a few more things too. But the important thing is that according to her it gives you a total energy boost during the day.

So far the only natural supplements I’ve tried are chlorella (from Japan) and ginseng root (from Korea). I’ll give this Barley thing a try and if I suddenly get a boost of energy and start doing laps around the neighbourhood I’ll let you know.

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