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Apple At New 52 Week High - Dow Next ? at Trader’s Narrative

Here is the latest video commentary by Tony Oz:

Apple is at a new 52 week high - is the Dow next?

Take a look at his analysis. He covers Apple and the general market indices as well as a few other individual stocks from his own proprietary filters.

“Apple has made a new 52 week high and the question that we’re going to ask is if Apple is a market leader in the tech stock [sic] is it indeed going to lead the Nasdaq into a new 52 week high?”

AAPL apple new 52 week high Dec 2007

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One Response to “Apple At New 52 Week High - Dow Next ?”  

  1. 1 Aaron

    Apple has turned itself into a major market leader of late. The stock continues to hit new highs before the market does, and expectations for its earnings going forward are certainly very high. I wouldn’t bet against the stock.

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