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Barnes Valuation Model is Neutral at Trader’s Narrative

Barnes Valuation Model is Neutral

Earlier this month I mentioned the IBES valuation model and how it was telling us that US equities are extremely undervalued. The Barnes Index is another valuation model which is similar to the IBES.

Keep in mind that these valuation models are really broad strokes. They are not meant for nimble, short term traders. They attempt to outline the general tone of the market and perhaps its long term trajectory.

So what is the Barnes Index? Like the IBES model it compares the stock market to the bond market. But unlike the IBES it considers both the short term yield and the long term yield (the yield curve in other words):

Barnes Index = (Treasury Bond Yield X Treasury Bill Yield) divided by (S&P 500 Dividend Yield X S&P 500 Earnings Yield)

So in essence it pits the “returns” from stocks, in the form of dividends and earnings versus the “return” (yield) from bonds. Market risk is highest when you can make more by investing in risk-free assets. The normalized chart below comes from Decision Point (the excellent technical analysis service run by Carl Swenlin).

Click to Enlarge Graph
barnes index june 2007

Since it began in 1970, the Barnes Index gives us a few more years than the IBES model. The last buy signal was given in early 2003, at the bottom of the bear market. At its current level, it is neutral.

In 1973, when the Barnes Index was also at similar levels, the market topped. Also in 1981. But then again, in 1990-1 although it stood where it does now, the market went much higher.

Notice that similar to the IBES the model imploded into irrelevance due to the “bubble years”. In 1997 it crept into the redline and stayed there almost constantly until late 2001. Which proves that no model or forumla can ever predict or explain the market. All we can ever hope for is a crude approximation.

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2 Responses to “Barnes Valuation Model is Neutral”  

  1. 1 Stephen Rawls

    Does anyone have a link to the Barnes Index values?

  2. 2 Maverick

    Hi Babak,

    Just curious. What is the current reading of the Barnes Index? I would have to guess that it is giving an off-the-charts reading that stocks are much more favorably valued relative to bonds.

    Any input on that?


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