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Best Of at Trader’s Narrative

These posts have been scooped up from the running stream of blog posts and chosen as the ‘Best of Trader’s Narrative’.

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Technical Analysis

They reach this hallowed achievement by being evergreen content (not being time sensitive); by being of an especially high quality; by receiving a lot of attention from readers (traffic/comments) and by being affirmed through links from other blogs.

Most of them appeared in the blog first but a few were written exclusively for this section.

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‘Dummy Trading’ Without Any Gaps
Gaps are nifty, but you don’t really need them.
List of Proprietary Trading Firms
If you’re looking for a specific trading firm or researching to join one, this is a great resource.
How to Pick a Time Interval for Your Charts
Why use a 10 minute chart, or a 30 minute chart? what about a 2 minute chart?
Expansion Follows Contraction
One of the simplest, yet most vital, characteristics of all markets.
Why ‘R’?
What is this ‘R’ you see referred to? And why is it useful?
Swing Trading Example
An example of my style of swing trading. Nothing fancy: support, resistance, and candlesticks. Remember: in trading, simple is good.
Another Swing Trading Example
This is one is within the gold sector. After finding a high probability inflection point, I follow simple technical analysis to enter a trade.
Don’t Buy What Wall St. Sells
There’s an expression on Wall St. ‘Feed the Ducks When They’re Quacking’ Here’s a great illustration of this timeless principle and how you can turn the tables and profit from it.
The Ultimate Trading Secret
Wonder no more. Here is the ultimate secret for success.
How to Fail As a Trader in 10 Easy Steps
There are only 10 steps to doing everything wrong. All you need are all your toes intact to follow along the road to oblivion (like this guy).
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Technical Analysis:

Trading Stocks As Easy As Walking A Dog
Prices tend to wander to and fro, similar to how a dog on a leash pulls from one side of the sidewalk to the other. Using the relative position to a moving average one can make it easier to find tops and bottoms.
Trade Like Mark D. Cook: The Cook Cumulative Tick Indicator
Spilling the beans on the techniques of a ‘Market Wizard’.
How to Time the Market Using the Dow Jones Industrial Average
Simple is good. To calculate this powerful indicator, you just need to look at the 30 Dow stocks.
How to Time the Market with Bullish Percent Charts
My personal twist on bullish % charts allows you to find intermediate inflection points.
The Great New Pattern
A very simple pattern in price action that happens in all markets, all time frames and repeats constantly.
Should You Buy or Sell a 52-Week Low?
Dispelling what some consider a rule (illustrated by a few concrete examples).
How to Time Gold Stocks
Using two readily available price points, you can time the gold stock sector.
Timing the Market with % Above Moving Averages:
My personal twist on the technical indicator: percentage above moving averages. An uncanny way to pinpoint intermediate inflection points in the market.
My Year-End Strategy:
A full guide with explanations and 9 examples of trades I took (from 2005) including charts showing both entries and exits.
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Sentiment Measures
A brief introduction to the various market sentiment measures and how to use them.
Michigan Consumer Sentiment Survey
In the media, the Michigan survey is reported as if it were a prediction of what is about to come for the economy. But historically it has been a great contrary indicator for the stock market.
Sentiment Measure: Investors Intelligence
Explaining one of the oldest and most popular sentiment measures.
Sentiment During a Bear Market
How accurately did sentiment (AAII) reflect the bear market that followed the bubble?
The Sheeple Index
An unusual proprietary sentiment measure that follows the little “sheeple” (retail investors/traders). This indicator measures their activity at their retail broker’s website.
Google Trends: Hunting For Sentiment Data
How to use Google Trends to take the pulse of the market on hot topic issues and market moving events.
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Experts Are Hazardous to Your Financial Health
They may be eloquent, convincing even… but do not listen to their siren call.
How To Get Over ‘It’
Wish you could just ‘get over’ a negative experience? whether related to trading or just life in general, this simple exercise will help you to overcome it.
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What Everyone Ought to Know About Agloco
I pull back the curtain on an old ‘pay-to-surf’ scheme which resurfaced with a new MLM structure and a strange equity offering twist. No one was more surprised than me when it was Dugg!
How to Sell Your House
The next time you want to sell a house or property, try this nifty little trick to not only get top dollar but save a bundle on the commission as well.
Want to Increase Your Productivity Online?
This little timer will keep you on track and allow you to plan your online activities to get the most out of your time.
Whatever Happened to the Segway?
Remember how it was supposed to totally reshape the way we lived? the way cities were built? What happened?
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