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Blinking Your Way To The White House at Trader’s Narrative

Blinking Your Way To The White House

Did you watch the third and final US presidential debates? To me it was just a replay of the other two. Each camp tried to score points by following a strategy. Obama by talking about issues and coming across as unflappable. McCain by attacking his opponent and coming across as angry and petulant. Unfortunately the issues matter very little because we aren’t robots but humans.

Without even realizing it, our subconscious makes a choice and we “like” a candidate more than the other. Then our conscious mind scrambles to find a rationale. Believe it or not, that’s how we make choices in life. Scary. But true.

Getting back to this election, did you notice how much McCain blinked? I’m bringing this up not to pick on the poor old man but because the blink rate is actually a very important social cue. And one which is instantly recognized by people even if they aren’t conscious of it as I was with McCain.

In a social setting non-verbal communication is more important than the actual message. McCain was sending a message that he is under stress and of a lower standing in the social hierarchy. This may explain why people see Obama as more “presidential” than him. You know the cliche of a “stare down”? This subconscious cue explains it as well. And this is why women generally blink more, especially when they are trying to attract a mate. Their body language is saying, “I’m docile, I’m gentle, come closer”.

Obama is lucky Gen. Wesley Clark isn’t sitting opposite him because he is a true outlier, with one of the lowest blink rates. If only it wasn’t blinking but winking… You betcha! Gosh Darn it by golly gee willikers (wink)…Palin would already be POTUS.

obama mccain third debate october 2008
This is not photoshopped!

What the heck happened to McCain? was he trying to be goofy on purpose?

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2 Responses to “Blinking Your Way To The White House”  

  1. 1 Russ Abbott

    What’s the source of the picture?

  2. 2 Babak

    Reuters, you can see it here if you fast fwd to 1:29:59 (almost to the end of the video)

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