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Blogmusik at Trader’s Narrative


Blogmusik.pngI’m a great fan of Pandora’s free jukebox and have several carefully crafted ’stations’ that I listen to while I’m online. But the limitation with Pandora is that eventhough you might suggest a specific song to get it going, due to their license restrictions, they can not immediately play that song.

Well, that problem has been solved by a new website called Blogmusik. They have an amazing amount of content and it is all free. You can create a playlist by simply logging in. Or you can simply search for and play songs that you want. I found almost every song I searched for.

Give it a try. If you are in need of a pick me up I would recommend you search for “Strict Machine”. It is an awsome song by the British psychadelic/dance duo Goldfrapp.

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