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bullpoo.pngBullpoo (yeah, I know the name is a bit weird) is a new online investment community built around blogs, dicussion board and a twist of video gaming concepts.

You can start a private blog, with you as the only author, or a public one, meaning anyone can contribute. Probably the best feature of the site is the ability to make and keep track of forecasts or predictions on specific stocks. I wonder what sort of sentiment data this would generate ;) . has an XP (experience) levelling system similar to many video games. This allows you to see very quickly how any member has fared with their forecasts.

As with all Web 2.0 applications it uses tags and integrates with delicious and Digg. But if anything makes it unattractive it is the lack of members and regularly updated content. Their discussion forum is pretty much empty. The interface and complexity of the site is also a bit of a turnoff.

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  1. 1 David

    A less ambitious site,, looks similar to Bullpoo. There is also All these sites seek to harvest the stock opinions of their communities into one forecast. Thanks for the heads up.

  2. 2 jont

    I think is a lot easier to use. Once it gets more members, it will really take off.

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