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Caption Contest: Specialists Are Special at Trader’s Narrative

In light of everything going on, lets have some chuckles:

NYSE floor traders captioned

Think you can do better?

Come up with a funnier caption for the above picture and win this trading T-Shirt:

trading t-shirt traders do it for money

Carpenters do it with big wood. Doctors do it while you turn your head and cough. Teachers do it with yard sticks. Lawyers do it in front of a jury of their peers. Traders do it….

Drop your wit in the comments below. No kiddin’.

Make sure to leave your correct email so I can get in touch with you for mailing and size info.

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23 Responses to “Caption Contest: Specialists Are Special”  

  1. 1 mit

    Look! Warren has started buying!

  2. 2 John Egan

    “No! No! You’re supposed to invest other peoples money in the market! You’re money belongs in a hole in your back yard! Do you want to lose everything?!?”

    jegan ;-)

  3. 3 Jean Levac

    Dude, just make sure we save enough money on our losses for beer.

  4. 4 Alex

    Dude, whoa! When you said you were going to show me something I didn’t think - yeah you should probably get tested….

  5. 5 Jorge

    Until when the bounce?
    Don´t run men, going sort is our paradise. Let´s get easy-money

    Sorry form my gramar and my expresions
    My English is not really good.

  6. 6 Ches

    Don’t worry, the new stimulus package includes a lift of the hair trading ban.

  7. 7 Andrew

    Suggested caption:

    Traders do it with a Long or Short one

  8. 8 Jobe

    See this, this is cousin IT and if you lose me one more million cousin IT is going to pay a visit to your colon.

  9. 9 Rocko Chen

    Holy crap he’s alive!

  10. 10 John Egan

    Look! There are women present! Either zip up, or cover your shorts!

  11. 11 Mac

    Hey Baldy. You look at my woman one more time and I’ll take that Credit Default Swap and shove it so far up your a$$ not even the Fed could bail you out!

  12. 12 lex

    Now put down the Goldman Sachs.

  13. 13 Darrell

    “I swear to god, printing food stamps is going to be the next big bubble!”

  14. 14 Jim

    Success is not enough; one’s peers must also fail.

  15. 15 James

    Whoa!? Did you say Jill is checking out my a$$!?

  16. 16 matt

    ive been looking for this box of upticks for thirty years. where is it already, dammit! and by the way, tony lost the keys to the clearing house, so if you see any laying around……

  17. 17 Sam Foley

    Don’t be mad at me but I bought a credit default swap on you losing all of your hair.

  18. 18 Tony

    No more margin, Comprende?!

  19. 19 jh burton

    look man, i know we’re right, we have badges numbered in the 2000’s, you’re just a lowly 100s guy

  20. 20 mark

    Futures and options trading involve substantial risk. The valuation of futures and options may fluctuate, and as a result, clients may lose more then their original investment.


    we get 70 virgins in paradise, ok. i’m buying at market.

  21. 21 mark

    are we buying or selling?

  22. 22 Brian

    Jill: You call that a stimulus package! Joe: Hey, Put that thing away!

  23. 23 Babak

    Thanks for entering the contest. I’ve contacted the winner and will be sending them their prize.