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Since some time has passed since my last call on Canadian REITs, I wanted to review it and update my position on the sector.
If you’re new to the blog you probably missed my comment back in early January: Canadian REIT Review. At that time I mentioned that it was irrational for well capitalized companies […]

Today the Bank of Canada decided to maintain their historically low interest rates at 0.25% but they did sound cautiously optimistic:
Recent indicators point to the start of a global recovery from a deep, synchronous recession. Global economic and financial developments have been somewhat more favourable than expected at the time of the July Monetary Policy […]

As gold bullion made a third attempt at the round number $1,000 there is a rush to feed a seemingly insatiable demand for gold securitization:

The most recent related IPO was the Claymore Gold Bullion Trust (CGL.un) on the Toronto Stock Exchange. Claymore is a small but innovative Canadian based asset manager and they’ve created a […]

I was watching Research In Motion (RIMM) because it had recently gapped up. But since it trades at the same time on both US and Canadian stock exchanges, I also compared the US and Canadian charts (technically RIM also trades on other exchanges but they are in different timezones). In any case, here’s the US […]

Way back in May 2008 I wondered: Will Sprott IPO Mark Top Of Commodity Bull Market?
Yes. Yes, it did.
For those unfamiliar with them, Sprott is a boutique asset manager in Canada. The IPO of Sprott was an accurate tell for the commodity market top because of the firms expertise in and their cheerleading of the […]


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