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Elliott Wave International has provided a complimentary report titled, “The Next Major Disaster Developing for Bond Holders” which includes the latest commentary on fixed-income markets adapted from various Elliott Wave International’s publications, including 2010 issues of Robert Prechter’s monthly Elliott Wave Theorist and its sister publication, The Elliott Wave Financial Forecast.
To download this important Club […]

The insatiable appetite for fixed income investments has driven almost every piece of the bond market to new highs. The bellwether 30 year US treasury bond is trading at 133.44, close to its high of 142.66 in late 2008. Lower quality, ‘junk bonds’ are getting their fair share of attention too. As I noted last […]

We’ve already looked at the high correlation within the stock market that has caused most issues to move together as a herd. By now it should also be clear that this correlation is evident even across asset classes, providing a binary market where risk is either on or off.
Below is a grid covering 31 asset […]

This is a guest post by Kevin Brekke of Casey Research:
With the great bond stampede that began in 2009 continuing, giving rise to the very real possibility of a bond bubble, we decided to check the relationship between bond returns and bond fund inflows to see if there might be a correlation. Take a look […]

Meanwhile, Back In Greece…

Greece’s sovereign debt problem has fallen off most people’s radar or it has been replaced with other, fresher concerns like the housing market in the US, the possibility of a ‘Double Dip’, etc.
At what turned out to be the April top for the S&P 500 index, I mused whether the Greek bond market was […]


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