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This fascinating chart, from McClellan Financial, compares the CBOE volatility index (VIX) with the 2 year offset 90 day T-bill interest rate:

The chart may seem like mere coincidence or an example of curve fitting. But I can think of two explanations for a link between these two series. First, when you have the Fed […]

It has been a while since I looked at the yield curve. The last time was around this time in 2007 as I noted that the yield curve was flat. That was among many cautionary signals that are clear as a bell in hindsight (isn’t everything?).
If you’re wondering when the Fed will move, it is […]

The long term descent of US bond yields is one of the financial market backdrops that has been taken for granted. It is a bit like air - you only really miss it when it suddenly isn’t there.
The recent rise in bond yields has drawn a lot of attention to the possibility that this decade […]

Enjoy this excerpt from Elliott Wave International’s free Club EWI resource, Independent Investor eBook (Now With 6 New Chapters!)
This section will offer a novel viewpoint. Can you imagine a scenario under which precious metals and Treasury bond prices would fall together? Most people would think such an event would be impossible. After all, as we […]

We’ve looked at the secular shift from equities into bonds from several angles. The trend continues unabated as US retail investors shun equities for the most part and rush to buy bonds with wild abandon.
Previously I’ve shared with you the monthly data to illustrate where US retail investors are putting their money. Below you’ll find […]


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