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When I was younger, one of the foolish things I did was to actually read and finish Atlas Shrugged. Sadly, too little recognition is given to the fact that many of the seeds of the current economic crisis were planted by Ayn Rand and cultivated by her minions like Alan Greenspan over decades.
In an ongoing […]

Howard Ruff was back as a guest on CNBC’s Squawk Box this morning. For those unfamiliar with him, I called Ruff a “contrarian signal from the trading gods” right at the cyclical bottom in early 2009. This amazing contrarian signal came in mid-February 2009 but those that missed that got another chance as Ruff had […]

As Jeremy Grantham quipped: All bubbles share one thing in common, they are all considered to be unique.
The co-founder of Grantham, Mayo, Otterloo & Co., has gone on the record that there are still two bubbles in play: Australian and UK real estate. He has also mentioned in other more recent interviews that the bursting […]

Last week we looked at the growing dichotomy between developed economies and emerging economies. While developed countries are piling on the debt close to 1950’s levels, emerging economies are becoming the global growth engines.
Here is a chart which shows the shifting wealth more clearly:

The chart is from a recent OECD report titled “Perspectives on Global […]

A few weeks ago I shared that my main concern is not a Greek debt contagion infecting all of Europe but rather China’s real estate bubble. I know that I’m straying outside of any circle of competency when I opine on economic scenarios like this but the reason I’m not as worried about the European […]


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