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Global Equity Macromap

I love the art of data visualization so whenever I find a good example I can't help but enjoy not just the accessibility that it provides to a set of complex data but the aesthetic quality of the image. Here's a macromap of major global equity markets for the past year:
Click for larger image in [...]

I have no idea why Geithner agreed to this. Maybe he thought he would be able to clean up his image or maybe Rahm Emmanuel took him aside and told him unless he did the interview, an atomic wedgie was coming his way. In any case, the digg community pulled no punches in drafting a [...]

For most, the constant flood of real time news can be overwhelming. There are already many sites which aggregate news, categorizing and organizing them into more manageable streams. For the past week I've been using an invitation only financial news service called SkyGrid that does this and much more.
Behind the constantly updating headlines delivered by [...]

The Daily Show Rips Into CNBC

If you missed yesterday's The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, then do yourself a favor and watch it online. Not only does Jon rip CNBC and Jim Cramer a new one, he devotes a good part of the whole show to the "Decession".
My American readers can watch the episode here:

Fellow Canadians can watch the episode [...]

Subprime Mortgages: Then & Now

Here is an interesting exercise in nostalgia. Google (GOOG) is celebrating their 10th anniversary by allowing us to rewind the hand of time and search the internet, as it appeared in their search engine back in 2001.
Click to see the results of googling for "subprime mortgage" then and now (warning this is a LARGE image):

Among [...]

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