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Firefox 3 Sucks

There have been no updates for the past few days because I’ve been wrestling with my new browser and I’m extremely frustrated.
As “Papa Bear”, Bill O’Reilly might say if he were in my shoes, “F**king thing sucks! WE’LL DO IT LIVE!”
I’m frustrated, not just because I’ve been a loyal Firefox fan and supporter […]

Here are two free online tools that analyse the relationship between stocks and help you to find correlated stocks (or negatively correlated stocks):
Select Sector SPDR Correlation Tracker

Any quantjock worth his salt will laugh at such a simplistic treatment of correlation but for the rest of us it is a useful tool. How useful is […]

Ever since Google’s breathless announcement more than a year ago that they were going to offer real time stock quotes to everyone, I’ve been waiting to see if they would make good on their promise.
Well, it took much longer than they or anyone else thought but you can now get “real time” data for NASDAQ […]

Wow, check this out. I’m on Bloomberg!
No, not the website, but the Bloomberg Professional service. Click to enlarge the image - my article is second from the top: What is really going on with the price of oil?
It is on the NI HEDGE pages. I had no idea Bloomberg scoured the net, including blogs. […]

I’ve updated the list of social networking website devoted to trading/investing with these four:

Cake Financial

Is this completely new to you? Then you are in for a treat! Think of it as facebook meets Wall St.
If you are already familiar with one or two, or even be a member of a site… it’s worth looking over […]


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