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Well, I think it is time I came clean.
I have been taking methylcobalamin. You could say I’m a meth(ylcobalamin) junkie.
Before you start organizing an intervention, I should explain that it is just good old vitamin B12.
It’s just that instead of taking it orally, I’ve been injecting it.
There are many forumulations of vitamin B12:
Cyanocobalamin, […]

Eye Care Tips For Traders

I’ve known for some time that I have a slight astigmatism but since I wasn’t particularly excited about wearing glasses I kept ignoring it. I finally gave in and got a pair recently. For frames, I chose Ray Ban titaniums because they are light and as inconspicuous as possible.
Any reluctance I had evaporated the instant […]

Have Holidays

Greenspan On The Daily Show

Last night Alan Greenspan appeared on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart to promote his new book: “The Age of Turbulence”.
Jon Stewart asks him a very intelligent question that I never would have guessed he would broach. Greenspan’s answer is as surprising in its candour.
If you haven’t already, read “Gold and Economic Freedom”, an article […]

What Leads To Success

Here’s an interesting 3 minute video from TED by Richard St. John on what leads to success:

Here’s the cheatsheet:

Sounds good right?
This is the “what”. Most people know the “what”. Most people know that passion is an important ingredient in a successful and meaningful life. That you have to persevere through setbacks, that you need to […]


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