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Is It All Over For Gold?

Last week everyone was cheering as gold and other commodity markets were making new highs. This week however, things have changed as everyone seemed to want to jump through the same door, at the same time, putting a great deal of downside pressure on many markets.
This phenomenon sometimes happens when people have multiple positions in […]

When To Sell Gold

This is a guest post by Terry Coxon, Senior Editor, Casey Research:
By now you have plenty of reason to congratulate yourself for having boarded the gold bandwagon. The early tickets are the cheap ones, and you’ve already had quite a ride. The best of the ride, I believe, is yet to come, and it should […]

Richard Russell is not only the preeminent expert on Dow Theory, he is one of the most prolific newsletter writers (Dow Theory Letters) and thanks to his epic longevity, will hopefully go one to break records for many years to come. The “Oracle of the Dow” is not omniscient, unfortunately. Otherwise, we mere mortals would […]

The market took a breather yesterday with many previously strong indexes and commodities selling off. The decline in silver was especially pronounced and produced a reverse hammer candlestick which has obviously bearish connotations.
Of course, yesterday the CME raised the margin requirements for silver from $5000 to $6500. While this is being credited with causing […]

At the start of October I wrote about the extreme in gold sentiment bullishness which was a sign of an impending top in the precious metal. Gold was able to continue to push forward for another two weeks or 9 trading days, reaching a closing high of $1381 on October 14th 2010.
Here’s what I wrote […]


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