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In financial and economic circles, copper is often referred to as “Dr. Copper” for its ability to predict economic cycles. This, of course, is due to the ubiquity of the metal in modern life. But recent years have shown copper to be have such a significantly increase in volatility that it is questionable whether copper […]

We’ve already looked at the high correlation within the stock market that has caused most issues to move together as a herd. By now it should also be clear that this correlation is evident even across asset classes, providing a binary market where risk is either on or off.
Below is a grid covering 31 asset […]

As I suggested last week, gold has enjoyed continued buoyancy with the spot price closing at $1319 this week. Year to date, gold has gained 20% with 12 record highs in the past 14 trading sessions. Positive seasonality will continue to provide wind to the back of gold bulls for two more weeks. So it […]

The secular gold bull market has been momentarily eclipsed by its plebian cousin, silver. While gold has gone up 18% so far, silver’s performance, year to date is 27%. And from 2009 until now it has gained 90% compared to gold’s 47%. Those performance numbers are starting to get noticed.
The media has recently featured many […]

This is a guest post by Jeff Clark - Senior Editor, Casey’s Gold & Resource Report:
The gold price has been hitting ever-new records over the past couple weeks, now closing in on the $1,300 mark. Some gold followers are saying this is extremely bullish for the near-term price since it broke so decisively through its […]


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