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Since some time has passed since my last call on Canadian REITs, I wanted to review it and update my position on the sector.
If you’re new to the blog you probably missed my comment back in early January: Canadian REIT Review. At that time I mentioned that it was irrational for well capitalized companies […]

If you’ve read Irrational Exhuberance, you may recall reading about Robert Shiller’s aspirations to create liquid markets to allow for hedging of real estate assets. Now, that dream is reality. Shiller’s company MacroMarkets has created two products which allow anyone with a brokerage account to trade the wider US housing market.
Although they may look like […]

I wanted to write about this during the holiday season but it being the holidays it got pushed to the new year.
Canadian REITs as a group were pummeled beyond belief during this bear market. Personally I’m surprised to see this because generally speaking they are a solid business model. Not over leveraged, diversified and […]

As the market races to the bottom, corporate insiders are racing right along buying with both hands. For the past four weeks, insider activity as monitored by InsiderScore, corporate executives and board members have been in what can only be described as a buying frenzy.
According to InsiderScore, “insiders are more bullish now than at any […]

There are very few moments in market history when absolutely everything is being sold: stocks, bonds, commodities, REITs, etc. We are going through one of these rare times right now and it can be gut wrenching. Forced liquidation in a bear market can be so brutal, it makes surviving to be able to take advantage […]


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