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It isn’t easy living up to the iconic film “Wall Street”. It capped the excess of Wall Street just months after Black Monday in 1987 and for years after inspired thousands of new traders who memorized Gekko’s famous speech. After 23 years Oliver Stone’s sequel is a little late - arriving more than 2 years […]

Curtis Faith’s new book: Inside the Mind of the Turtles is primarily about risk and how traders should approach it. But it is also about Faith’s life, his background, successes, failures, and the many lessons learned as a trader and an entrepreneur.
The book starts with a gut wrenching decision that he had to make when […]

Since I got my hands on my copy of Bailout Nation: How Greed and Easy Money Corrupted Wall Street and Shook the World Economy, I’ve been devouring it almost non-stop.
Written by Barry Ritholtz, Director of Equity Research at Fusion IQ, and blogger at The Big Picture, it promised to be a definitive guide to […]

For most, the constant flood of real time news can be overwhelming. There are already many sites which aggregate news, categorizing and organizing them into more manageable streams. For the past week I’ve been using an invitation only financial news service called SkyGrid that does this and much more.
Behind the constantly updating headlines delivered by […]

I’ve been meaning to get to this but things have been hectic so it has had to wait for a quiet Sunday afternoon. Last month was the third month that I’ve raffled off a book to my readers. The previous ones were Tim Syke’s “American Hedge Fund” and “Hedge Fund Trading Secrets” by Robert Dorfman. […]


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