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During last week's sentiment overview we went over several indicators which suggested that we are at another cusp of optimism.
The NDR Crowd Sentiment poll is another important indicator which is confirming that market condition. Unlike the AAII or the Investors Intelligence surveys, the Crowd Sentiment poll from NDR is an amalgamation of several such sentiment [...]

Here is this week's sentiment summary:
Sentiment Surveys
After several weeks of flirting with the half-way mark and just peeking above it for a single week, the retail investors surveyed by the AAII finally went all in. This week's bullish camp jumped sharply to 57.6%. That is the highest since mid-January 2007.
But while that is garnering [...]

The sentiment sands are shifting rather quickly these days as the market rally takes most by surprise, forcing them to reevaluate their positions. We've already covered the recent data in the weekly sentiment overview and the necessary sentiment addendum so I won't blame you if you're sick and tired of sentiment surveys.
The latest development arrives [...]

As an addendum to last week's sentiment overview here are some other market sentiment related developments including the NAAIM survey of manager sentiment, DSI, corporate insiders, TSP sentiment, and gold sentiment.
NAAIM Survey of Manager Sentiment
The recent survey of active manager sentiment shows a surprising lack of enthusiasm for the recent stock market rally. Even though [...]

What a week! Between the Fed's much awaited QE2, the mid-term elections, payroll data and the rocket ride higher, the sentiment cross-currents are getting difficult to read. Here's this weekly sentiment overview to (hopefully) provide some insight:
Sentiment Surveys
The AAII survey of retail investors showed that the extreme optimism we saw last week took a small [...]

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