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This week the Investors Intelligence survey of newsletter editors is 46.7% bullish. That is the highest level of bullishness since May 2010. Another sentiment measure, much less known is the Rydex SGI Advisor Confidence Index (ACI).
This is a survey conducted monthly to gauge the sentiment among personal financial advisors and their outlook for the […]

While the weekly sentiment overview on Friday covered a lot of ground, a few data points came up afterward that warrant mention before another weekly sentiment walkthrough.
Gold Sentiment
First, a reader inquired about the sentiment landscape for gold right now. I wrote about gold about a week ago: Gold Reacts To Bullish Extreme Sentiment (Finally). At […]

This week’s sentiment overview outlines the bullish overtones of the market. As we await the results of the mid-term US elections and the imminent arrival of the second wave of quantitative easing from the Federal Reserve, it may be useful to recall the old Wall Street adage to “buy the rumor and sell the news”.
Sentiment […]

Here is this week’s overview of sentiment data:
Sentiment Surveys
The AAII weekly survey continues to hover at twice the number of bulls (49.6%) to bears (25.2%). The bull ratio climbed slightly as a result to 67% - the highest level since mid-September. A short term 4 week moving average smooths out the data and shows that […]

Here is this weeks summary of sentiment data for the markets:
Sentiment Surveys
The weekly AAII survey of US retail investor sentiment continues to show there is a healthy degree of optimism about the stock market. Those who believe the stock market will be higher 6 months from now decreased slightly from 49% to 47.1% but those […]


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