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Recently Barry shared an old card from 1897 that a reader had sent him (see below). Another reader identified the cycle within it as the Benner Cycle or the 54 year cycle of stock market returns.
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Source: The Big Picture
This simple pattern shows that major market tops form […]

This is a guest post by Elliott Wave International:
In the August issue of his Elliott Wave Theorist, market forecaster Robert Prechter alerted readers that the U.S. stock market was slicing the neckline of a classic head-and-shoulders pattern in technical analysis, and that this may send the market into critical condition.
Prechter said that when the Elliott […]

This is a guest post by Matthew Claassen, it originally was published at his blog and is being republished here with his permission. (For background information and more, please visit his website and also see Mr. Claassen’s earlier interview with Trader’s Narrative)
In our comments below we will illustrate how intermarket correlations prove that the U.S. […]

Earlier in the week we looked at Lowry Research and found them to be continuing to be bullish based on their proprietary measures of demand and supply for equities. In fact, their Buying Power index has surpassed its April highs, indicating that there is a much underlying strength in the equities market.
Checking in with Ned […]

The equity markets were nervous today about the Federal Reserve Chairman’s testimony that the economy’s outlook is “uncertain”. Most indexes sold off more than 1% after gapping up in the morning.
While the effect of Bernanke is the reason most cited for today’s sell off, a technical explanation would be that since topping in April, equities […]


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