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Trading T-Shirts

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In light of everything going on, lets have some chuckles:

Think you can do better?
Come up with a funnier caption for the above picture and win this trading T-Shirt:

Carpenters do it with big wood. Doctors do it while you turn your head and cough. Teachers do it with yard sticks. Lawyers do it in front [...]

Happy New Year !!

To ring in the new year, Spreadshirt is offering 20.08% off all their products.
Get it? 20.08%?
All you have to do is use the coupon code: "newyear08" (for Canadians: "cadnewyear08")
You can get some really cool custom shirt designs.
Like the one to the left.
Check 'em out. And have a great 2008.
spreadshirt, t [...]

If you haven't noticed yet, I have a section for trading T-Shirts (top menu).
I've lowered the price to $18.50 and with the following code, you get free shipping: HOLIDAY07 (for US), CADHOLIDAY07 (for Canada).
So far there is the one design to the left. But I've got a lot of neat ideas for other designs. [...]

I just traded the shirt you see on the left for the DVD of Shogun Assassin as part of Ugly's Blue Paperclip project. His goal is to trade his way to a share of Berkshire Hathaway.
It was my pleasure to be part of Ugly's quest, especially as his blog is so enjoyable and educational. I [...]

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