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We’ve already looked at the high correlation within the stock market that has caused most issues to move together as a herd. By now it should also be clear that this correlation is evident even across asset classes, providing a binary market where risk is either on or off.
Below is a grid covering 31 asset […]

High Frequency Trading is not only the fastest growing subset of trading, it is equally lucrative and controversial. The public perception of HFT is incredibly negative with most people believing that it has a negative effect on price discovery, liquidity and that plainly put, it isn’t fair.
That public perception may need to be adjusted according […]

A few days ago in the weekly sentiment overview we noted the capitulation of newsletter editors, as measured by the Investors Intelligence sentiment survey. Last week was the first time, since March 2009, that the number of bullish newsletter editors fell below 30%.
Now, a separate market metric, also from Investors Intelligence, has given us yet […]

The following is a guest post by Charles H. Dow Award winner, Wayne Whaley (CTA) of Witter & Lester. If you would like to be privy to his daily market comments and model ratings via daily email, free of charge, email him at wayne[AT] with the subject title “ADD ME TO DAILY EMAIL”.
I may be […]

Here’s a rather rare message from personal development guru, Tony Robbins on the stock market:

Source: Tony Robbins blog
Most of the content about the economy and the stock market should be old hat to my readers. While Tony doesn’t name the person he has been mentoring, from the description of this trader’s success in the 1987 […]


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