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They say absence makes the heart grow fonder… or as an economist might say, restrict the supply and demand will grow fonder.
As you’ve no doubt noticed Trader’s Narrative is going through some technical difficulties at the moment. Thank you to all who contacted me with suggestions, advice, and words of support. I’m grateful to my […]

I read a lot of stuff. And with each passing year, more and more of it is online. One of the ideas I’ve toyed around with for a while is how to share and talk about the online stories that I come across.
The odd time, they are interesting enough to warrant a blog post but […]

Yes, I’m back!
I truly appreciate all the comments and emails from the readers. I never knew this blog was so important to so many people. My apologies for leaving for such an extended vacation.
Although it may not satisfy everyone, as way of explanation, I took some time off to recharge the batteries, wrangle with […]

Back To Blogging!

I’m back!
I’ve been busy with other projects and life this last month. Boy I missed blogging. I’m really looking forward to continuing the blog and revisiting some of the previous posts.
I was the first trading blog to talk about Victor Niederhoffer’s demise. Many lambasted me for “rumor mongering”. The “rumors” turned to be true. […]

Quick Blog Update

Two small blog updates:
Avert Your Eyes
I finally got around to updating the About section. Not only does it have more info like my favorite trading books but I also put up a picture that was taken for the Globe & Mail article earlier this summer. Yes, now you can see what I look like. […]


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