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Take a look at this chart:

Nice long basing action… a decisive breakout, stair stepping pauses as the rise is digested. Would you go long? Why or why not?

What you’re looking at are my feedburner RSS stats!
What confounds me is how it actually increased during my hiatus. Maybe I should take more time off from blogging […]

As a regular reader of Darren Rowse’s ProBlogger it would be an understatement to say that I’ve learned much from Darren’s blog. So imagine my surprise and delight to find out in the nick of time that the b5 media team was holding a ‘meet-up’ just a few blocks away from me!

The Irish Embassy

Guinness all […]

UPDATE: Comments should be working now. If you have made a comment previously, it should be in its rightful place. Thank you for your patience and your feedback.
I extend my most profuse apologies to everyone who has commented on this blog - or has attempted to - but been met with a berserk Spam Karma.
Since […]

Introducing: Best Of

If you look above, you’ll notice that I’ve created a new section called Best Of. This new section will contain the best content from the regular posts and save them from being lost in the obscurity of the archives - for the most part they will be “evergreen” content, as opposed to the more time […]

Site Beta

This site is so new, I’m still playing with the bubble wrap.


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