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Comments: Technical Difficulties at Trader’s Narrative

Comments: Technical Difficulties

technicaldifficulties.jpgUPDATE: Comments should be working now. If you have made a comment previously, it should be in its rightful place. Thank you for your patience and your feedback.

I extend my most profuse apologies to everyone who has commented on this blog - or has attempted to - but been met with a berserk Spam Karma.

Since your comments are important to me, I’m working on a fix which will not only allow comments in the future, but preserve and present those which I have already received. Please check back to see if your comment appears where it should in a day or two. If it doesn’t, please go ahead and write it again. Thank you for your understanding.

A big thank you to Eyal for bringing this to my attention. It wasn’t until he said something that I took a look under the hood. Being as full of humbility as I am, I just assumed that people weren’t leaving comments. ;)

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  1. 1 JimboJones

    If Jimbo can post a comment, anyone can!

    (er… except spammers - they will be mercilessly boiled in hot oil)

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