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2006 April at Trader’s Narrative

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Did you know that the magazine cover is a stealth sentiment measure?
It may strike you as a bit strange but it has an uncanny prescience. Well, in the sense that it can foretell the opposite of what is most likely to happen. The most famous one that is usually cited is the Business Week cover […]

Trading Calendar

Every trader needs this handy calendar, courtesy of IB. It helps you keep up with exchange holidays, and expiration dates. And it covers not only US and Canadian markets but all major international ones like Liffe, Hong Kong, etc. With this you’ll never have to guess.
Print it off and slap it on your wall (you’ll […]

Natural Remedies

One of my recently acquired interests is natural remedies. Like many, I used to deride them. But after a few personal encounters, I’ve acquired a lot of respect for them. And yet, I haven’t totally surrendered my skepticism. Now I have an open mind and am willing to research and test them out.
Since natural remedies […]

Boost Your Productivity

Time is one of most valuable assets anyone has. Minute by minute, hour by hour, how we spend it determines our lives. Most traders spend a disproportionate amount of time online. Not only trading, but analysing, reading blogs, websites and other news sources, writing and reading messageboards, coming up with ideas, backtesting, writing and […]

Sentiment Measures

There are a lot of ways to gauge market sentiment. Here is a partial list of the more popular ones:

Market Vane
Investor’s Intelligence
Hulbert’s Newsletter Sentiment

Most investment banks also have their own homemade one. As you’ve probably seen, Citi’s appears each week in Barron’s. I’m not sure what the eggheads over there are thinking when their sentiment […]


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