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Does your shoe breathe?

The last time I was in Europe visiting family, I noticed a new chain of shoe stores going by the name of Geox, had popped up everywhere - seemingly overnight. I went into one and snooped around to see what I could learn. All their shoes featured a new ‘innovative’ design shamelessly swiped from hobos: […]

This weekend, Barron’s had a small followup to the Afinsa/Escala story they first broke last year. If you missed it, Afinsa is a company in Spain that markets an investment scheme where the investor can buy stamps which are guaranteed by Afinsa to appreciate in value (from 6% to 10% p.a.). The problem is […]

Global REIT Report

Some highlights from the recent RBC Quarterly Review of REITs:

Q1/06 (Cdn.) capital market activity was muted, with only two offerings raising $271 million. This compares to Q1/05 volume of $506 million. While issuance began to accelerate near the end of Q1/06, with four REITs raising $457 million (with planned Q2 closing dates), there is also […]

Oil in Euros?

As the rhetoric between Iran and the US becomes more heated and the drum beats of war grow louder, a theory that used to be only seen on the fringes of the internet is getting passed around more and more.
If you haven’t already seen it, the theory is that the real reason for the escalation […]

You’ve probably never heard of MacDonald Dettwiler & Associates and would therefore be forgiven for assuming it is a stuffy law partnership somewhere. In fact MDA’s most established line of work is building robotic space-bound surveillance systems. But they have another line of work which is lighting a fire under their stock right now: information […]


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