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Where Poppies Grow, Row on Row

I was introduced to the concept of remembering and honoring fallen soldiers when my family moved to Canada. To be honest, I was very confused by the whole idea at first. I couldn’t grasp the significance of what we were supposed to ‘remember’. At that age, I couldn’t possibly begin to imagine the horrors of […]

Why Didn’t He Freeze to Death?

There is a fascinating story in the New York Times this weekend about Lewis Gordon Pugh, a British man dubbed the Ice Bear for his amazing ability to swim in extremely cold water:

The above picture is of Lewis’ latest attempt to break the world record for cold water swimming. He accomplished it by swimming 6 […]

Does it strike anyone else as interesting that the news of reported gunfire on Capitol Hill and a lockdown in effect has been totally shrugged off by the market?
This is the same market that would easily get spooked by possible birdflu transmissions or terrorism rumours, etc. Of course, we’ll have to wait and see how […]

New ETF: Gold Miners

The new Market Vector Gold Miners ETF is the first ETF to track the gold mining sector. It replicates the AMEX Gold Miners Index (GDM) which is composed of 43 individual precious metal stocks. The ETF’s creator, Van Eck Global, is well known in the gold community since they were also the first to introduce […]

Check out the latest Economist cover to your left. Can it be any clearer that we have a washout of negative sentiment and a significant bottom being put in here?
Of course, I’d love to see BusinessWeek do one of their infamous covers or a general magazine like Newsweek or Time but I don’t think what […]


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