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Yesterday, Maoxian left a comment about my use of a 2 minute interval to find a ‘dummy’ entry and I wanted to explore this topic a bit more.
Due to the fractal nature of prices, technical analysis can be applied with equal validity to almost any time frame: minute, hour, day, week or even monthly prices. […]

The picture to the left was the last thing the paralyzed bears on Wall Street saw this afternoon. Ouch!
A half tonne bull smacking you full frontal will tend to do that. And this, after having endured a snoozefest all week. Wow! what a day. Well, we finally got the market’s reaction to the […]

One of the members of the discussion board has created a great online resource for prop trading out there. It is still a work in progress so if you have any info pass it on to him.
Since this project seems stalled, I’ve pulled together a comprehensive list of prop shops myself.
But if you’re not […]

One of the key players in the stock market are insiders - those who work at a high enough levels in corporations and therefore are privy to sensitive ‘inside’ information about the health of the corporation, its clients, suppliers, competitors and the economy. Having access to such information firsthand provides them with an enviable edge.
As […]

It seems we’re treading water until Thursday 2:10 pm. Eventhough it is highly unlikely that we’ll get anything other than a 25 basis point hike, the market doesn’t seem to want to make a move. It feels like we’re all stuck in a bad production of Waiting for Godot.

I’m getting a bit impatient since the […]


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