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2006 June at Trader’s Narrative

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A while back, I mentioned I had an investment (not trading) position in Liquidation World. Since then, I’ve continued to hold the position and watched as price has meandered down from its swing high in April 2006. Here is a chart of LQW showing insider selling:

Source: Ink Research
One officer has sold more than $370,000 into […]

Here is a wonderful video of Jack Schwager giving a talk about the characteristics of great traders. If you haven’t yet read his series of Wizard books, you don’t know what you’re missing.
“Every single great trader that I met, found a methodology that fit their personality.”
Just beware that once the stream starts you won’t be […]

Famous market analyst and technician, Martin Pring has put up an exhaustive analysis of long term charts on his site. Although it has a bearish tone, surprisingly, when you actually listen to the whole thing you realize that he isn’t really calling for a return to a bear market but saying that we could be […]

Here’s a jaw dropping chart that shows the swiftness with which the Bank of Japan removed liquidity from the world’s financial markets:

Source: GaveKal, via Mauldin.
The only consolation I can find in this chart is that every time the year over year change crossed the zero line to the upside, it was a great time to […]

Overview of Canadian REITs

Since the last time I wrote about them, Canadian REITs have come down much closer to their net asset value:

Here’s a quick overview of the sector breadth: 47% are above their 10 day moving average (MA), while 20% are above their 50 and 200 MA. Prices have on average bounced up quite a bit on […]


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