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2006 July at Trader’s Narrative

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Amazon - AMZN

Amazon’s amateurish mistake put their exclusive deal with Toys R Us in jeopardy and cost it the quarter along with billions of dollars in equity valuation:

Amazon’s plunge actually took place yesterday in after hours trading (blue circle) but carried over to today’s session. The after hours session yesterday was a tell that we would see […]

Barry Ritholtz at The Big Picture had a recent comment about never buying a 52 week low. As you might expect, such absolutes simply don’t exist in trading.
Here’s fellow columnist James “quant-jock” Altucher’s take:

I took all Nasdaq 100 stocks since 1996, including stocks that have been deleted from the index (to avoid survivorship bias). […]

The Trade Show vBlog

Was that you sulking around saying that there isn’t a vblog for traders? I guess you don’t know about The Trade Show. But then again, it is brand spanking new.
The host may not be as chirpy (nor remotely as sexy) as Amanda was at RocketBoom. But who knows… this vblog might turn out to […]

John, from Tale of the Tape, asks a very interesting question regarding the nature of sentiment during a bear market. He wonders whether high bearish sentiment is a bullish signal during both bear and bull markets.
Well, lets examine the bear market that began in early 2000 by looking at the S&P 500 index and […]

What’s a Ticker Garden?

Hao-Hsiu Chiu, a doctoral student at the Harvard Graduate School of Design, has come up with a gorgeous and innovative way to present stock market data:
The color (green or red) & direction (upward or downward) of a blossom indicates a particular stock’s status of ascent or descent in price compared to its previous trading day. […]


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