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Unlike many journalists today, Oriana Fallaci never mistook being a journalist to mean that she shouldn’t tell the difference between right and wrong. Maybe it was because she had grown up under fascism and had seen Hitler when he rolled into her home town of Florence. Whatever the reason she was unshakeable in her support […]


I’m a great fan of Pandora’s free jukebox and have several carefully crafted ’stations’ that I listen to while I’m online. But the limitation with Pandora is that eventhough you might suggest a specific song to get it going, due to their license restrictions, they can not immediately play that song.
Well, that problem has […]

Telus’ Trust Conversion

Just a few days ago Telus announced that they were converting their legal structure from a corporate one to an income trust. This was yet another of a string of smart moves by Telus’ management. Their $800 million tax loss will be all used up and by converting to a trust they transfer the tax […]

Free Wi-Fi

For those who wanted to trade while picnicing in the park or sipping a cappucino at your favourite cafe, Toronto Hydro Telecom is offering free Wi-Fi blanketing Toronto’s downtown core. The service is free from September 6th 2006 to March 6th 2007. Afterwards you can purchase a monthly subscription for $29.
I’m glad to see such […]

Lest We Forget

I remember exactly where I was on this day 5 years ago.
I accompanied my Mom to go see a heart specialist. Her appointment was in the morning and as we waited I remember flipping through a Reader’s Digest halfheartedly looking for an interesting article. The doctor saw her and did some tests. Everything checked […]


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