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2007 March at Trader’s Narrative

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I’m a bit surprised that there isn’t more discussion regarding the impending elimination of margin rules under Regulation T. This has massive implications for not only how the market will work in the future but also its direction.
The rules under which margin or credit is currently extended by brokers to their clients has been in […]

If you’ve somehow managed to not learn about Mark D. Cook by now: he is a ‘Trading Wizard’ featured in Schwager’s series of books, a legendary futures trader and the winner of the 1992 U.S. Investment Championship (with a 563.8% return). His most famous contribution to trading and technical analysis is his self named, Cook […]

I was going to keep this to myself… but what can I do? I’m a saint. I give, and give and give. And then I give a little bit more
You may consider yourself a true fanboy if you have read every single thing on But you’d be wrong. That’s because there was […]

It’s time for my first trading blog contest!
This contest is for all the amazing blogs out there that I read everyday. I’ve learned so much from you all. This is a small way in which I hope to repay your generosity and hard work.
The prize is 6 months of access to SentimenTrader .
That’s […]

Would you be interested in peering over the shoulder of a profitable trader? one who has taken a $100,000 account and in less than three months grown it to $1.6 million? would you like to see and analyze every trade they made?
Just head over to Zack’s $100,000 Challenge and take a look at the current […]


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