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2007 March at Trader’s Narrative

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I’ve been meaning to write a review of Jason Goepfert’s website, SentimenTrader, for a while now. I’ve used them myself and referred to their analysis before. If you’re unfamiliar with it, SentimenTrader is basically a one stop shop for actionable technical analysis. The name of the site is a bit misleading since it goes above […]

If you’ve been sharp you have already noticed that MarketWatch has a few new features out. For example, when you’re searching for information on their site they now have an Ajax enabled search which will give you suggestions on the fly. Exactly like my blog search function (top right). Go ahead, give it a try, […]

Interactive Brokers announced their plans to go public on November 27th, 2006 with the filing of an S-1. But since that announcement we’ve heard not a peep out of them.
The founder, Thomas Peterffy, continues to thumb his nose at the sell side firms by planning to use a ‘Dutch auction’ to distribute the shares. […]

Agloco is a pay to surf MLM scheme that exploded onto the interwebs late last year. It is backed by the same team as AllAdvantage which crashed and burned in the bubble years. Check out this article from Business 2.0 on AllAdvantage (pdf).

AllAdvantage had a simple proposition: pay people a fixed hourly rate for […]

Tony Oz’s Stock Trader TV - #3

Here’s the third video from Tony:

I’m really glad that Tony returns to the ‘boring’ style we saw in the first video. He analyses the NASDAQ index and then revisits the 4 stocks that he suggested in the second video: DRYS, VRTS, MNST, and CERN to see how they fared. It’s interesting to notice that the […]


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