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2007 July at Trader’s Narrative

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One of my fond childhood memories is skipping stones off a lake. It took me a while to learn the trick but I realized that it required a few key variables: a calm body of water, a smooth flat stone, and just the right wrist twist as you release it horizontally.
Pretty soon I was counting […]

The subprime crisis which came to a head when Bear Stearns’ (BSC) funds imploded has now officially spilled over into the rest of the bond market. Take a look at the BBB rated bonds in the mortgage markets:

What looked benign just less than a month ago, has now filtered through the market such that the […]

Deep down inside the really hardcore gold bugs want the stock market to crash, gold to go to $3000 (or more) and maybe even have the Fed abolished.
While I do sympathize with their last fantasy, the reality is that even if the stock market does “crash” as they wish, rather than zoom higher, gold and […]

Looking over the bullish percent indices for different sectors and markets, I noticed that the lowest reading is from the financial sector. Check out my previous post for more information on how I use bullish percent indices to time the market.

The riddle of the financial sector seems to have been solved! What it was trying […]

The US market isn’t the only one getting whacked. Almost all the international markets have swooned in unison, thanks to an ever intertwining global financial market.
The Canadian market has been most recently driven by the natural resource sector: the mining (gold, uranium, etc) and energy sectors (oil and natural gas) especially.
According to Lowry’s research, […]


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