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2007 September at Trader’s Narrative

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There is a rumor that the (in)famous trader, Vic Niederhoffer, has blown up… again.
For those that aren’t familiar with Niederhoffer nor his history, click here to read his wikipedia entry.
For those keeping track, this monumental blow up makes it 2 for 2. Vic came close last summer when he suffered a debilitating loss of around […]

Here’s this week’s sentiment commentary:
Sentiment Surveys
LowRisk is showing the most positive picture with bulls falling to 29.4%. In contrast, AAII bulls are at 49% and the II bulls at 55.6%. I don’t know about you but I’ll take the latter surveys over the one exception.
It isn’t surprising to see the AAII bulls jump so high, […]

Interactive Brokers Group (IBKR) went public a few months ago with a lot of buzz. Most of the attention was on the Dutch auction process they had chosen to go with, instead of the regular Wall St. investment bank route.
I’m not sure whether it was due to the process they chose, or the fact that […]

The usual assumption is that with a weak dollar, the US stock market is doomed. That no one will want to invest in US equity because they will be “swimming upstream” — that is, they will have to not only make a profit in US dollars but above and beyond the depreciation of the dollar […]

Forget gold and gold stocks. It is time for silver to shine in the precious metals’ sector.
At least that’s what the Commitment of Trader’s report is telling us.
Lately the commercials have been been net short the least number of contracts in five years. Since they are almost alwas net short as part of their usual […]


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