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I don’t know how some get the impression that I’m a perma-bull. I’m human, so by nature I’m biased. However, what I try to do always is to allow the tools and indicators to speak for themselves.
For example, on Wednesday (February 27th, 2008) I wrote a cautionary note that based on overbought breadth of both […]

Bernanke could have made his Humphrey Hawkins testimony today before Congress simple by showing them this chart:

Ever had a puppy that somehow got away from the leash? You know how every time you approached it to try to reattach the leash, it thought you were playing a game of “chase” and ran away? Well, the […]

After three consecutive up days - initiated from an extreme oversold condition - the stock market is now pausing to catch its breath.
Although we saw positive breadth today with advancing volume easily trouncing declining volume on the Nasdaq, the market indices didn’t make much headway. The extreme condition I outlined in the Dow Jones Index […]

The following is from San Francisco magazine (online). I’ve included it here because, for some odd reason, the original site shows it as a 404 error now. This is much too good to let disappear into the ether, so bookmark this, delicious it or just print it off and read it.
I regularly have people asking […]

Well that was fast.
I happened to check up on the scam du jour only to notice that Pink Sheets has slapped it with a TOXIC label:
Buyer Beware. There is a public interest concern associated with the company, which may include a spam campaign, questionable stock promotion, known investigation of fraudulent activity committed by the company […]


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