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So the Fed had a working weekend. On Sunday they cut the discount rate by a quarter percent to 3.25% and today, they cut the Fed Funds rate by 75 basis points to 2.25%. The market almost unanimously rejoiced and rushed to buy with both hands, eventhough the Fed Funds futures indicated most were expecting […]

In mentioning a few reasons why we were seeing an intermediate bottom, I wrote last week, after Tuesday’s 90-90 day (March 12th, 2008):
The best scenario for the bulls would be another extremely strong day which would be as or even more lopsided than yesterday’s. If we get that within a reasonable time, like a week […]

Now that the Bear Stearns (BSC) saga has ended with their absorption into JP Morgan (JPM) for $2, I wanted to go back to the previous time that I looked at the stock, back when it was trading at ~$140 (!).
I sounded a warning note because, in contrast to the previous multiple times until then, […]

The magazine cover indicator is a great contrarian sentiment measure because once a topic has reached massive public penetration and put on the front cover of a magazine, the trend is about to finish.
But once in a while we get conflicting covers. And in such a case, the question then is, which one is right? […]

Benefits Of Installment Loans From ThinkCash

If you every find yourself needing installment loans, ThinkCash is a short term, personal loan company which lends amounts from $250 to $2,500 for emergencies, bill payments or to avoid bouncing a check.
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