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2008 June at Trader’s Narrative

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Here are two free online tools that analyse the relationship between stocks and help you to find correlated stocks (or negatively correlated stocks):
Select Sector SPDR Correlation Tracker

Any quantjock worth his salt will laugh at such a simplistic treatment of correlation but for the rest of us it is a useful tool. How useful is […]

Since the chart of crude oil priced in gold was interesting, Edward requested a chart of crude oil in Euros:

and for good measure, here is a chart of crude oil priced in Japanese Yen:

You’ll notice I didn’t include the axis on the charts - that’s because they would have been meaningless since I took the […]

This is a tough market to navigate and the cross currents make things extra slippery. Perhaps it would be better to take a step back from the superficial index numbers and levels and look at the internal market structure. With that in mind, here is a chart for the New High New Low index for […]

Last week I showed a long term graph of the price of crude oil adjusted for inflation. But some may disagree that that graph shows a complete picture since inflation can be misstated and since the US dollar is a worthless pieces of paper. Gold is real money. Or so I’m told. So let’s take […]

Sentiment Surveys
No significant change within the usual sentiment surveys. Both the AAII and II moved just 1% points: the AII going to 47% bulls from 46% and the Investor’s Intelligence bullish percent from 45% to 46%.
Hulbert Newsletter Sentiment
According to Mark Hulbert, out of 10 market timing newsletters with the best risk adjusted performance, seven are […]


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