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After yesterday’s decimation of the indices, today’s sharp bounce was not that surprising. We had almost the mirror opposite: +90% of volume flowed into advancing stocks on the NYSE and 85% on the Nasdaq.
Advancing issues far out numbered the decliners also but not as much as the opposite yesterday. The percentage and points gained were […]

If you haven’t seen the Batman sequel (or prequel… I lose track of these things), the Dark Knight… this won’t make much sense. But then again, that would only apply to 3 people on earth, at most.
For more serious news about the financial bailout, the economy and other trading related links check out:

At the start of the summer, when oil was setting records and trading at ~$135/barrel I showed an interesting graph which showed the price of oil in gold.
I wanted to show that even priced in this currency - which many feel is superior to the beleaguered US dollar - crude oil was just too expensive […]

As I’ve mentioned in recent weeks over and over again, the market is being driven by news more than anything else and we have not been anywhere near a washout capitulation. I also warned that the market has been not acting as if it is ready to bottom:
…we still have not seen full blown panic […]

If you were around the dot com bubble years, you remember that there were a few people who were “non-believers”. Those few who didn’t believe that “this time its different”. One of them was Robert Shiller, an economist who got his first 15 minutes of fame for renting to Allan Greenspan, the now infamous phrase, […]


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