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2008 September at Trader’s Narrative

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As opposed to just a few weeks ago where I had to scrape bits and pieces of information to put together a sentiment overview, this week we have an over abundance of data and indicators, so lets get started:
Hedge Funds Net Short
Based on information from Carpenter Analytical Services, the average hedge fund was just until […]

Unless you’ve been living in a cave, you know that there is total carnage in the stock market, especially within the financial sector. By the way, if you have been living in a cave, congratulations on a very astute real estate investment.
Anyway, bank and investment bank stocks are trading at empty shadows of their glorious […]

More than a year ago the Chairman of investment firm Grantham Mayo and Van Otterloo (GMO), Jeremy Grantham got a lot of attention for a long research report that he issued titled: “All the World’s a Bubble”
You can read the complete article in the link above - including graph. The only asset class that escaped […]

The markets are melting, banks are having epileptic seizures, the credit market is frozen solid… and short selling suddenly is illegal, so where are you supposed to hide out? Are there any safe harbors in which to weather the storm?
Something that has been working for me (so far) is Canadian REITs. In almost any crisis […]

There has been so much happening that an important sentiment indicator which I usually watch for slipped through the cracks and wasn’t mentioned in the sentiment overview for last week:

And BusinessWeek’s cover asks: Is It Safe Yet?
With the main article inside having a very bloodied bull staggering.


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