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Weekend Reading: Bear Market You Say?

A lot of must read stuff on so be sure to check it out!
Here is a small sample - I especially recommend the “How to Fix the Mortgage Business” article. It offers a very simple and non-invasive way to realign risk with return to help the market help itself.
Oh and don’t forget to […]

John McCain vs. John McCain

Somehow, for some strange reason a progressive tax system which is what the US has had and which it will continue to have, has been called a “socialist” system by the McCain campaign:

“His (Obama’s) plans are redistribution of wealth.. that is one of the tenets of socialism.”
But as anyone will readily attest, a progressive tax […]

Sentiment Surveys
According to Investor’s Intelligence newsletter publishers are as gloomy as they have ever been. This week’s sentiment bearish sentiment was 54.4% with bullish newsletter editors unchanged. While slightly more than half may not seem like much, you have to understand that like most media outlets, newsletters have a positivity bias that skews readings. But […]

No question, this was a financial shock that leaves everyone grasping for superlatives. But as measured by the TED spread and other financial health metrics, it is all but over:

Unlike the CBOE VIX volatility index which reached record territory, this spread has been higher actually. I’ll scrounge up a very long term chart. But the […]

Where Are The IPOs?

No, really. When was the last time you saw an IPO in the wild? or in captivity?
According to the Standard & Poor’s it has been almost 3 months since we had an IPO. Unless I’m mistaken, that would be Rackspace (RAX) a internet hosting company which has seen its share fall almost 60% (from the […]


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