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As promised in yesterday’s post about the NYSE bullish percent index, here are some notes from the Lowry Research meeting. You can view the accompanying charts by downloading the PDF file from the free trading resource section. The file is in the Reports & Articles folder:

In case you’re not familiar with them, Lowry is […]

While the active vs. indexing argument rages on in the investing world, it is a moot point. Everything is actively managed. The only difference is that some funds are more actively managed than others. (Sorry Bogle.)
Every single index out there was created by someone or by some committee and it is regularly updated and managed […]

Yes, today’s decline was yet again another Lowry’s 90-90 day and it took us perilously closer to the ledge. Or over the ledge, depending on which index you’re looking at and how thick you draw your support lines. Weinstein’s support level is still not breached, for whatever that’s worth. Is everything lost? I turned to […]

Has anyone else noticed this technical formation? I’m sure many have but I haven’t heard a lot of noise about it.
It is only visible on a very long term chart and boy, it doesn’t look good at all. Double top formations are among the most reliable, which makes this ominous. The sheer size of it […]

Stan Weinstein was the guest for Market Monitor on Friday’s Nightly Business Report. In his previous interview back in September 2007, Weinstein warned of a potential bear market if we penetrated 12,800 on the Dow. If you follow the link, you can see a long term chart showing the significance of that level.
Of course, we […]


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