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If you would like to receive a free copy of Tim Syke’s book, An American Hedge Fund, leave a brief comment below (making sure you leave your correct email). I have TWO copies to send to two of my randomly chosen readers as a Christmas [slash] Hannukah [slash] New Year’s gift.
Timothy Sykes’ book An American […]

There a few ways to take advantage of the January effect this year:
Small & Micro-Cap ETFs
The simplest would be to buy small cap stocks or ETFs before the year end and hold until they have a pop. Since the definition of “small-cap” has been continuously revised up over the past few years, it might be […]

Here’s an interesting article from Barron’s Online today: The Best Way to Use the VIX
Bill Luby, editor of the blog, VIX and More, said, “A classic misuse of the VIX is as a market timing signal. The VIX is generally negatively correlated with the broad market indices, but this correlation waxes and wanes.”
This throws conventional […]

The bad news is… well, look around. The good news is… it is almost over. The year that is.
The bear market? For that we’ll only know in hindsight. Until then, its the weekend, so kick back and grab your favourite beverage to catch up on some interesting reading you may have missed over at […]

Here’s a quick recap of this week’s sentiment analysis:
Last week the retail investor’s sentiment as measured by this survey was almost perfectly balanced. This week’s results push the bulls ahead with 39.73% of respondents and the bears at only 35.62%.
According to Wall St. lore, a bull market climbs a “wall of worry”. But according to […]


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