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Weekend Reading: Critical Junctions

If that a head and shoulder pattern, or a symmetrical triangle? Will Keynes ghost save us? Why did John get all the brains (and hair) in the Paulson family?
To find out, take a look at this weekend’s reading list from

Still no clues of a bottom for stocks
From GMO: Grantham’s latest letter to clients
Peter Schiff […]

Here is the sentiment overview for the last week of the month (in terms of returns, the worst January ever!):
The American Association of Individual Investors’ weekly sentiment survey had 47% of respondents bearish and only 25% bullish. That may seem like good odds for a rally… except that we’ve been hereabouts before (in late 2008) […]

Groundhog Day is only a few days away! According to lore, if the groundhog sees its shadow, we’re going to have another 6 months of winter. If on the other hand, it fails to see its shadow, winter will end soon.

The January barometer can be likened to ground hog day but it has more historical […]

I know that the IPO market activity is a contrarian indicator for the stock market but this is ridiculous! The present public issuance market is the worst we’ve seen since the vicious bear market of the 1970’s.
The last IPO to grace us was Grand Canyon Education (LOPE) back in November 20th, 2008. Before that, we […]

Today, most financial companies are an endangered species. But other brokers and investment banks may be struggling and getting government bailout money to spend on bonuses, Interactive Brokers (IBKR) goes from strength to strength.
They recently reported earnings for 2008 and for the first time they broke the billion dollar mark for income (before taxes and […]


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