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Head and shoulder formations are one of the most fundamental technical patterns. They are arguably one of the easiest to recognize on a chart and are almost always found at turning points in price. Right now we are seeing the S&P 500 Index (SPX) carving out what looks to be the right side of a […]

My last book giveaway was Tim Sykes book “An American Hedge Fund” so with this new book it seems we are continuing a “hedge fund” theme …
“Hedge Fund Trading Secrets Revealed” by Robert ‘the Hawk’ Dorfman.
Dorfman runs the SilverHawk Fund out of Costa Rica and before that used to work for Jim Mellancamp of […]

Weekend Reading: Aftermath

Alright, so we have our change. But what’s after change? what’s comes after hope? Is it safe to venture out to put the pieces together again?
To find out, take a look at this weekend’s reading list from

Aftermath: Woe is us
Using TICK to find inflections
Why Peter Schiff’s stock is rising
This bear market a pup […]

Here’s this week’s sentiment overview:
Sentiment Surveys
Let’s start with the most common sentiment measures:
The AAII came in this week at 27% bullish and 46% bearish - little changed from last week (one percentage point variation, if you are that curious).
ChartCrafts’ Investor’s Intelligence results this week shows a bit more movement with the bulls and bears returning […]

Here’s an up and coming sentiment tool that I discovered recently. It is released weekly by the National Association of Active Investment Managers (NAAIM), a non-profit association of registered investment advisors formed in 1989. Since the (200 or so) member advisors provide active money management services to their clients, as opposed to buy and […]


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